About Us

Biarri Health is a part of the Biarri Group with a core purpose of delivering innovative technology,
predictive analytics and mathematical optimisation for the healthcare industry.

about us

Our team of programmers and mathematicians work alongside your service to provide meaningful insights and decision support tools that complement your current technology and scale with your service.

Scalability is a fundamental benefit of delivering solutions through the Biarri platform. Our agile team build solutions that can be rapidly prototyped, tested and rolled out across a single department or an entire service. By deploying systems that coordinate information across a complex network of health services, we can efficiently streamline work flows. We enable efficiency gains through data analytics and process optimisation helping you deliver quality health services while reducing costs.

Behind the scenes our 120+ mathematicians, software developers, UI designers, and consultants are ready to help!

Ash Nelson

Since co-founding Biarri in 2009, Ash has successfully delivered Optimisation and Analytics solutions to some of the largest companies nationally and internationally. Ash is the Managing Director of Biarri Optimisation, Biarri Health's parent company.

Rachel Madden

Rachel has lead the delivery of many robust solutions in the Health Industry, using her background in Mathematics and Medical Sciences. As the Head of Data Analytics at Biarri, she is experienced in applying her analytical capability to operations in Health.

Tzara Ayton

Tzara is a Senior Optimisation Consultant at Biarri, and an expert in robust staff rostering and scheduling with complex EBA agreements across a range of industries.

Rory Pearson

Rory is an Optimisation Consultant at Biarri, applying his background in Operations Research to frame and deliver mathematical solutions to complex industry problems.