Our Solutions

Data analytics and mathematical optimisation to deliver real value


Health Rostering Optimisation

The Rostering Optimisation System (ROS) is a technology platform comprised of three main stages; planning and shift construction, rostering staff to shifts, and day of operations management.
ROS can create schedules for multi-disciplinary teams across multiple sites. It introduces high levels of scheduling efficiency and a web based interface for easy schedule visualisation.

Efficient Pathology Routing

Biarri has developed a pathology routing solution to maximise fleet efficiency whilst adhering to strict sample viability constraints.
The routing system accounts for the complexities of sample viability constraints and driver fatigue rules. This tool generates optimal routes and reduces driver hours.

Emergency department re-admission mitigation

Biarri has built a statistical model to determine the likelihood of readmission for patients in the emergency department. The model is used to identify patients with high likelihood of re-admission and to co-ordinate early intervention programs
with local primary care practices.

Patient cost prediction

Biarri has developed a statistical model to predict the final cost for a patient based on data available at the time of admission. 
This model provides a stratified set of cost margin categories with associated probabilities. This is used to identify episodes of care likely to have a negative margin.